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Need an Editor?

I can help.

Brainstorming Session ($150/hr)
Are you stuck in your story? Unsure how to conquer a concern or weakness? Do you really need someone to verbally work out areas of your book or idea? Brainstorming is my favorite thing to do. If this is what you are looking for then sign up for a one-on-one session with me via google meets or zoom.

Query ($75)

A one time critique of your query letter that includes overall feedback, line edits, and in-document comments. Please keep in mind that a synopsis/summary of your story will help make the critique more accurate and relevant.

Query plus first chapter ($165)

One editorial of your query and first chapter. This will include in-manuscript comment tags and an editorial content letter pointing out general overall areas that could be improved as well as pointing out what is working well. This price is for first chapters no longer than 15 pages. If you have a longer first chapter, please mention this as the price will be slightly higher depending on the page count.

Sensitivity Reads:
$200 US / hour
I can provide sensitivity reading for Latinx representation, Mongolian representation, mixed-race representation, anxiety disorders and eating disorders, blended families, adoption, and chronic diseases/disabilities.
Please note: Experiences differ for everyone and I can only speak through my own personal experiences.

                                                       Have questions? Ready to Book? 

Please note: Though I hope my services will help you improve your manuscript and your skills as a writer, hiring an editor is not a guarantee of representation, publication, or sales.

FAQ and Policies

Payment Policy: All services under $100 must be paid in full up front in order to secure booking. A 50% deposit may be used as a down payment to secure booking for all services $150 or over. The final 50% must be paid upon completion of the service in order to receive the final product. All payments are only accepted through PayPal. An invoice will be sent via email for each booked service. 


Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. For smaller critiques, your payment is refundable up until the day I start working on it. After that, it is nonrefundable. For full manuscripts, your money is fully refundable as long as you cancel prior to two weeks in advance. If you cancel less than two weeks in advance, there is a 20% cancellation fee. This is due to the fact that these projects are booked months in advance and it can be difficult to fill a last minute vacancy.


Refund Policy: All sales are final once edited material is returned, or brainstorming call is started. See cancellation policy for cancelling once I've started editing.

What experience do you have? I have a bachelor's degree in Biology and a master's degree in English Language Arts/Secondary Education. I multi-racial American writer, copyeditor, and editor based in New York. I began my freelance editorial career in 2010. I have interned for Entangled, and participated in Tessera Editorial's mentorship program. I have also been a mentor for Pitchwars and Author Mentor Match.


What format should my manuscript be in? 

Please send your MS as a .doc or .docx file. I use Word and track changes to make the edits. Also, your MS needs to be in the traditional MS format: Times New Roman, Size 12; double-spaced.


Is there any category or genre you won't edit?

I don't particularly have an interest in historical or historical/Regency romance and would likely be hesitant to edit one. I'm also pretty open in terms of content, but books that heavily feature rape, torture, animal cruelty/death and/or violence to children would be better suited with another editor. If there's something specific you're concerned about, just ask.

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