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totally pucked

The book Totally Pucked

Hockey god Wyatt “The Hammer” Clanton has one goal—hold onto his spot in the NHL. After one too many reckless fights, his team captain suggests he rebuild his image. The solution? Coach a kids’ hockey team. He never expects Nora, the one-night stand who rocked his world, to show up with a kid of her own.

Struggling single mom Nora Thoma is finally putting the pieces of her life back together after ditching her scumbag ex. One scorching night of passion with a pro athlete was supposed to be a risky escape, right? Wrong. Because now the man who gave her a toe-curling taste of paradise is volunteering as an assistant coach for her son's hockey team.

Wyatt's fighting to keep his hockey career and Nora's fighting to give her son the life he deserves. But behind closed doors, their red-hot chemistry is out of control. When a photo leaks and secrets come tumbling out, Nora’s left with two choices: run from her past...or trust Wyatt to fight for the family he never knew he needed. Wyatt’s ready to risk it all to protect the woman and boy who thawed his frozen heart. Because this time, he’s playing for keeps.

Game on!

Totally Pucked is a secret relationship, he falls first, single mom, "friends with benefits" spicy hockey romance perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn, Hannah Grace, and Emily Rath!

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Get ready for Leo Hartman and Cat's story. More information to come.

- single father
- found family
- off limits
- opposites attract

And get ready for Grandma Rosa!!

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