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Totally Pucked Book Cover

Hockey god Wyatt “The Hammer” Clanton has one goal—hold onto his spot in the NHL. After one too many reckless fights, his team captain suggests he rebuild his image. The solution? Coach a kids’ hockey team. He never expects Nora, the one-night stand who rocked his world, to show up with a kid of her own.

Struggling single mom Nora Thoma is finally putting the pieces of her life back together after ditching her scumbag ex. One scorching night of passion with a pro athlete was supposed to be a risky escape, right? Wrong. Because now the man who gave her a toe-curling taste of paradise is volunteering as an assistant coach for her son's hockey team.

Wyatt's fighting to keep his hockey career and Nora's fighting to give her son the life he deserves. But behind closed doors, their red-hot chemistry is out of control. When a photo leaks and secrets come tumbling out, Nora’s left with two choices: run from her past...or trust Wyatt to fight for the family he never knew he needed. Wyatt’s ready to risk it all to protect the woman and boy who thawed his frozen heart. Because this time, he’s playing for keeps.

Game on!

Totally Pucked is a secret relationship, he falls first, single mom, "friends with benefits" spicy hockey romance perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn, Hannah Grace, and Emily Rath!

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Three Navy SEALs enter into the military's new Issued Partner Program where they will be issued the "perfect" wife that best suites them. If only love were that easy. Follow Jim, Tony, and Lucas as they fall for their wives. 

Steamy Romance Series, HEA, No cliffhangers. Can be read as standalones.

Tropes: enemies to lovers, second chance romance, men in uniform, forced proximity

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A steamy cowboy romance series, where heroes find their matches in the strong heroines of Three Keys Ranch. Emotional and with a host of fun animal secondary characters including a retired military working dog, a man stalking hen (yes a real chicken), and horses. 

Steamy Romance Series, HEA, No cliffhangers. Can be read as standalones.

Tropes: enemies to lovers, single dad, in love with the boss's daughter, fish out of water.

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Called Into Action Cover

They’ll find a way to work together. A young boy’s life depends on it.

Penelope Ramos has dreamed of being a K-9 search-and-rescue handler since she was a little girl. Armed with a quick mind and her German shepherd, Havoc, she rides into Maple Falls, Vermont, determined to get her certification. She isn’t expecting the gruff, unreadable park ranger assigned to evaluate her skills.

Park ranger Jay Gosling is a pro. It’s clear to him that neither Penelope nor her unpredictable canine has what it takes…although his boss feels otherwise. Whatever. Jay will never have to work with them and he has half a mind to escort them both right out of town. But when a young boy goes missing, he doesn’t have that luxury.

Working side by side tests their tentative peace, but Jay and Penelope are together on one thing: they’ll both do whatever it takes to find the missing child—before it’s too late.

Tropes: Forced Proximity, Enemies to Lovers, 

Steamy Romance

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Love on the winter steppes

Love on the Winter Steppes cover

Can a magical day at the Ice Festival melt this career-focused woman’s heart?

Marketing consultant Qara Whitaker loves her job, happily putting in endless hours and working through holidays. But when her grandmother asks that she accompany her on a birthday trip to Mongolia to visit their family, Qara can’t say no. Packing up her laptop, Qara boards the plane—never imagining that a shared cab ride with a stranger will change her life forever.

Hoping to push through writer’s block, author Benjamin Lacoy hops on a plane to Mongolia looking for inspiration. A chance meeting with a beautiful and intelligent woman whose smile ignites his heart leads to them playing tourists. Sparks fly and Ben is feeling far more than inspiration, yet each time he and Qara get close, she’s distracted by work.

Ben is torn; he likes Qara, but he always promised himself he’d never let work come before family and friends like his parents did. Opposites clearly attract, but can they learn to balance work with love in order to build a future together?

Sweet Holiday Romance.

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