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2021- Time to Reset

2020 made me realize that I was throwing all my focus into one basket and neglecting other parts of my life. While my writing career took center stage in what I threw my energies into and I had some great successes, I did realize how other areas that I love and care about fell to the wayside. Sure, the pandemic had a lot to do with the shift, and truthfully I am glad I am a writer because the focus helped me get through a lot. But now it's time to reset and become more balanced. Therefore, my word for 2021 is RESET.


  • Get back into shape- endurance and strengthwise

  • Reset my eating habits back to being more healthy and paying more attention to making sure I am not eating what I shouldn't be (due to ulcer and intolerances)

  • CONSISTENCY in my FB group and IG posts

  • Write 2-3 books

  • Certify and recertify my dogs

The Career Plan

  • Write more consistently on a schedule as if it were a job I had to be at.

  • Learn ads. (Mainly Facebook and Amazon.)

  • Post regularly in my FB group and on IG.

The Health Plan

  • Follow exercise and macros monthly and rejoin fitness group

  • Take a daily walk with the dogs. Doesn’t have to be a long one! Just get out of the house and walk for 10 minutes, even if the weather sucks.

  • Stay on top of medication and taking it regularly.

What are some of your plans and goals for 2021?

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