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Ok, let's get some things out of the way. I'm a dork, awkward and for some reason always feel I can never do these creative things. Don't ask how I write because I have no clue. For some reason writing a book is easier than doing a personal introduction for me.

Now onto the good stuff (I will leave the bio for the end because when I used to do those things, I wanted to know if a mentor was even taking what I wrote before I learned about them...nothing worse than going "OMG, I wanna work with that person" only to find they aren't taking what you wrote. Plus, see above. I'm an introverted dork who hates writing about herself.

Self-publishing or Trad?


Both!! I am a hybrid author myself and currently do both. I can help with query letters and give advice about agents and give you all sides of my experience on the traditional side. I can also walk you through most aspects of self-publishing. 

My Kisspitch Wishlist:

  • Adult/NA 

  • Must be steamy!!!

  • Sports stories

  • Dark Romance (I am ok with most triggers accept noncon between love interests. Dubcon is ok but you must provide all triggers upfront)

  • BDSM (but with romance, I don't want straight up erotica. can be dark or light. If you don't know light then check out author Gwendolyn Harper)

  • Paranormal

  • Short Romances (between 7k- 25k words)

  • Contemporary

  • Military

  • Reverse Harem, Poly, M/M, F/F, etc (as long as it's within a genre I take)

  • Cowboys

  • Romantasy

  • Horror Romance  

Do not send me:

  • Child death stories

  • Sweet (as in closed door)/Clean/Inspirational 

  • sci-fi romance

  • historical

  • time travel

  • YA

  • Any story that does not include a Happily Ever After or Happy For Now ending in the current manuscript.

  • Stories involving incest, or violence toward or abuse of children or animals.

  • Timeline jumping (this just doesn't work in my brain) 

  • Queries or manuscripts that do not include trigger warnings up front. Send these at the top!

My mentoring style:

  • I'm to the point aka direct. It's my personality. It's even how I am as a teacher. 

  • Email is best for me as even during lunch I work in a place that blocks everything pretty much. I will get on zoom if needed. I do not call/phone/text (lol even with my own my mom even goes "I sent your husband/son  XYZ since you never check your phone or answer") 

  • I'll get to know you and your goals, make sure we are both on the same page and understand one another (clear communication). 

  • I'll share things I have in mind based on your manuscript and goals for us to come up with a plan of action

  • We'll do 2-3 rounds of edits total. The first round are the large, big picture edits. The other two are tweaking, making your manuscript sparkle more (for self-publishing please always want different editors for each stage. Even in traditional publishing your developmental editor is not your copyeditor and your proofreader is a separate third person). This means, if you are self-publishing at the very minimum you would still need a proofreader. I want to be clear on that.

  • If you are going the traditional publishing route then once your edits are done we'd work on your submission package and list of agents to query.

  • If you are self-publishing, we would have a plan established from our initial plan of action/introduction/goal setting stage.


(will open mid-Julyish)

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